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Admin personnel complete a wide range of duties that help to support the event procedure and their fellow volunteer whilst assisting with the ‘Regatta Ambassador’ program. This team is based out of the event office.

Aquatic Operations

Aquatically inclined volunteers provide support on the water through the installation of related equipment whilst launching and operating vessels as required to ensure on-water safety. This team falls under the direction of race officials.


The Operations team assist in the ‘bump in and out’ of ground facilities in addition to manning the information booth and ensuring the overall cleanliness of the grounds, rubbish facilities and sanitation equipment. Further duties include maintaining event signage and the pack down of equipment at the conclusion of each day.

Public Safety and Communications

Our safety ambassadors ensure overall public safety of the event and the entry and exit of emergency services whilst performing hazard checking and reporting. These volunteers fall under the direction of the Regatta’s public safety officer. 

Ambassador Quest

  • Lara Priest2022
  • Chelsea Reid2021